Mojigangas in Weddings


No matter what time of the year here at Barros Weddings we love mojigangas. What are Mojigangas? Their history dates back to Caranivales and the Renaissance era. Brought over to Mexico thru the Spainards, Mexico loves any excuse to make paper mache and party. The word ‘Mojiganga’ comes from ‘boxiganga’ which was play groups in Spain that included Dancing, singing and carnivals. Mexico’s birthdplace of Mojigangas as stated in Wikipedia is from Zacualpan de Amilpas, Morelos, where they celebrate with Mojigangas, floats, music and more. Here in San Miguel Mojigangas have become a ‘staple’ in weddings and any other festivity. They are big, clunky, fun, and spin around jumping and hopping around with your ‘Callejoneada’ (Parade) and or flank the doorways of your wedding reception. Usually made to look like the bride and groom. Its a special touch no matter what the occasion!



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