Monica + Zak *Callejoneada*

The Magic of Callejoneadas

Every time we get hired to do a callejoneada I secretly shriek of excitement. Even though the callejoneadas are usually the same thing, the burro with the flowers, tequila, lots of tequila, music and mojigangas. What makes each one so fun and unique is the people, and the lovebirds! Each time I see guests who fly from all over the world to come and partake in this mini parade in the beautiful streets of San Miguel their excitement, shock, amazement, joy is always contagious.

11017875_1605643183026792_8923421182210104217_nMonica & Zak are one of those couples that Nick and I hit it off with right away. Maybe its that we are in a similar field or close in age, we felt like one of their friends while on this parade. Their crowd of friends and family where so excited and so overjoyed we can’t wait to share the final video.

11139349_1605648376359606_1103144623208172239_nZak even had his sensei at the wedding to marry them all the way from China!


10612931_1605643246360119_7607047857878657145_n 11013171_1605648243026286_2084091262554881051_nSee you next post!


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