More Monica + Zak

Going thru our photos now that we are in our editing phase, (we go thru all of our footage all of our work, clean, click, clear, choose, edit, color, edit some more, music, more music, its a phase) we found an array of lovely behind the scenes footage, with some fun details of the catering company too, Dos Suecos, which means Two Swedes. Anders and Kajsa are actually great friends of ours which makes our work so community based and flows so easy since we all know each other in our little city.

IMG_6558Lovely details – love it!


Front of the Bride and Groom table:

IMG_6560From Bride and Groom point of view:


Details in the entrance and around the wedding grounds:


IMG_6561Their amazing cake made by Paco who owns Petit Four

IMG_6564See you soon at our next wedding! We will post more photos or better yet stay tuned for their video!


One thought on “More Monica + Zak

  1. Amazing takes… looking forward to seeing pictures and video. Thank you for taking pride in your work — it shows!

    Special appreciation to Bob, our photographer for creating memorable moments and capturing them for us — great work.


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