Loving the life in San Miguel de Allende

Ah, love. It is the best thing going thru pictures, screen shots, or even video that I’m editing and looking at all the love. Weather it be love of the soon to be married couple, love for our town, love for life. Below some pics showing all the love that is surrounding my daily life as a videographer:

Mojigangas oh so colorful and bright. Love those darn weird puppets!


Love the colors of the market (photo credit Jaime Byrd)

11024757_10203852532294457_3348368893575988867_nLove of the Sunsets here.

11391186_10203890521644167_3702264104551407267_n11011637_10206780535775093_8312016114203145924_nLove for texture and color on the streets of San Miguel

11235274_820103391406261_4848664158085829508_n 11295603_820103344739599_3393932719807543465_n 11350842_10203881525459268_8022763022070349493_nP

See you next post!


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