Vinyard Wedding with Camila & Diego

IMG_8307This Photo Credit: Alejandra Urquiza O fotografía

On Saturday 15th of August we met Camila and Diego at Hotel Nena on a bright and sunny day. I was introduced to their little 9 month baby “Little Diegito” I instantly teared up at the joy of these two! Young and adorable love! Camila and her sister where stunning it was a pleasure to shoot them.11866419_1653130814944695_4160128635954733846_n

These two had the sweetest ‘first look’ at the hotel and proceeded to have a gorgeous photo shoot in with lovely backdrop being (of course) San Miguel de Allende. IMG_8288IMG_8287

We then headed over to their church of choice, Templo de San Francisco and quickly saw them ride off into the sunset toward the Vinyard Cuna de Tierra.11888123_1653130854944691_3662737769410116720_n

This vinyard is on the way to Dolores Hidalgo about 45 mins. outside of San Miguel, it gave it an intimate and almost ‘secret’ location (it was hard to find). This wedding was designed and planned by Penzi Weddings,IMG_8253 IMG_8260 We where honored to have the chance to work with them. Guadalupe did a stunning job with the amazing back drop was complimented with the gorgeous set up! Their sweets table, the table settings, the flowers, the cups, plates, details everything.

11898921_1653130878278022_6652080119192316349_nIMG_8252 IMG_8251IMG_8286The bride and the groom had a super loving fun first dance and even included their baby along with them half way thru.


We can’t wait to share the video!



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