Allison & Lane’s Wedding Sonjowasi & Sierra Nevada Gardens

Following our day of their wonderful Rehearsal Dinner we set off to film her Wedding Day. Oh Alison’s dress was to die for!


Some more portraits: 12009798_10156135268740354_2991817363631159887_nAllison also had her grandmothers pin on her bouquet, if I remember correctly her grandmother served in the war as a nurse and was given a blue metal for her valor. It was her “something blue and something borrowed” 11062778_10156135269085354_3542452928380837756_n11140232_10156135265295354_6795915346145201759_n11987070_10156135265465354_6836481282358957546_n12011246_10156135263450354_8649072881322520800_n

They had a wonderful little shoot on the streets of San Miguel 11913238_10156135254475354_3807978292113625877_n

12009628_10156135253390354_1239751890809053925_n12002926_10156135254175354_874908562765339011_n11988277_10156135256075354_7667606455659261535_nTheir wedding was filled with kippah‘s

12006380_10156135257540354_2101703499545849558_n12009837_10156135256930354_2800334897736380531_nThe details of the reception where light, airy, and classic. Alicia did such an amazing job on this wedding with her rehearsal dinner turning into a classic gorgeous wedding reception.

12009827_10156135249390354_2313586696034611745_n12002809_10156135246710354_892577290789669841_n11990575_10156135270760354_1634626146577351649_n12003988_10156135252930354_8203489516745286300_n10533444_10156135246040354_6750108435024527348_n11986566_10156135252060354_3226959557366857957_n11986502_10156135270775354_6276499510558157663_n11960164_10156135250525354_5641111666751698393_n11986959_10156135250560354_3918532385060959245_n12009736_10156135245380354_6209659510548060455_n-1I’ll post the video once its done!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.32.02 PM


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