From Jakarta to New York married in San Miguel

Ana Tracey & John by Penzi Weddings!

Nick and I where double booked last weekend, so we split up which made me miss him but also was so much fun taking a wedding all to myself! I met up with Penzi in Jardin on a sunny afternoon on Friday.

12242068_10156390330505354_634096530_nI must say the sun was setting to perfection. Giving me this lovely angelic light that flooded their Callejoneada as guests arrived the sun set further for the day.

12270449_10156390329325354_2143813479_nOn some occasions Nick and I are able to meet the bride and groom previous to their big day, sometimes via Skype, if we are lucky in person. This time I was unable to meet Ana Tracey and John before hand so watching them interact as they danced with each other during this festive moment was just a joy! Ana Tracey walked down to the group of friends in family by herself with a big red parasol with matching red lip stick and a gorgeous summer dress. Everyone oohh and ahhed as she joined the parade.

12231132_10156390330400354_331178915_nI wish I had more pics but I don’t want to spoil the video! Stay tuned to see more!


Ana Tracey and Johns wedding has been the most relaxed, easy, wedding Ive gotten to shoot, so far. I was substantially early and Ana Tracey greeted me in her PJ’s cool as a clam. I got to know her family and friends while I waited for the action to start, it was fantastic to get so much time to shoot some B-roll of the set up and (such a girly thing to say) her shoes!

12272624_10156390329435354_200985248_nAna Tracey pulled out her wedding shoes and I just gasped, Jimmy Choo’s in  perfect champagne pink! Just to die for! As I grabbed footage of Ana Tracey getting glammed up, I also got to know her as we chatted, learning more about her home town in New Zealand, and how she now lives in NYC. She was just lovely and calm as the day went on and I got to see her Make up artist work his magic. My second shooter said the same of John who got ready in 1810 Hotel in centro.

Casa Sonjowasi was the choice for this couple, beautiful gardens and house just off Parque Juearez, perfect venue to have everything in one location.  Ana Tracey was a model and she was poised as one, she was just gorgeous, the minute she pulled out her dress and got into it I was mesmerized, I mean Vera Wang wedding Dress on her was just stunning! 12243998_10156390317065354_290143504_n12231485_10156379033200354_1794329612_n


Charley Smith her photographer arrived and we were able to squeeze a mini session with the bride: 12231141_10156390310795354_310785182_n


Their wedding ceremony was in the lower garden and was sweet and short, small  intimate with the sun setting next to them. Swoon.


Along with Charley Smith we hiked up the hill to a sweet little church to catch the sunset. Here are some candid shots of before:12226513_10156379034710354_818566613_nGuadalupe with Ana Tracey

12242178_10156379035030354_445839107_nCharley Smith and Guadalupe Alvarez (above) and below some of my favorite shots: 12231173_10156379032790354_1898487304_n 12231618_10156379032885354_118657639_n12233534_10156379032960354_1039286521_nThe sun was just perfect! I even got some candid shots of them running up and down the streets which also looked whimsical and lovely, especially with Ana Tracey’s red wedges:


We then went back to the venue to enjoy the reception, here are some of the design elements by Penzi:


Gorgeous sweets table with a gluten free cake from Via Organica.


Her table settings where simple but oh so romantic, labeled with her favorite places (or places she calls home is what I gathered), Jakarta where her husband lives, San Miguel de Allende, and NYC and more!


Gorgeous overhanging rose set above every table (below) details from the cutest sweets table: 12243813_10156390324110354_1003870988_n12270208_10156390322985354_1631633790_n12272726_10156390324240354_231300428_n

I can’t wait to share the final video! Stay tuned for her wedding highlight reel!


Ana Tracey & John


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