Mexican Lovely – Sneak Peek Megan & Perry

We are big fans of Micheal Amici’s photography, so when I heard we where going to be able to work with him on this wedding I was excited. I did not get to go on this wedding venture since we where double booked so I covered Ana Tracey & Johns wedding and Nick covered Megan & Perry’s wedding. Still for Barros Weddings to work with local photographers its just oh so fun!

12231119_10208048178945380_1807897759_n 12231133_10208048172665223_2052226911_nIts started out with a beautiful rehearsal dinner and that sunset! Set at Casa Cece which is just as stunning as the adjacent house Casa Cariño. They had long but heart melting toasts from friends and family, I don’t even know Megan and Perry and I wanted to be part of their friend group! that is how amazing the stories and their adventures with their friends and family sounded! So much love is so awesome to witness and capture! Their lovely rehearsal dinner was planned and set up by Penzi Weddings.


Saturday came about with a bright and sunny day and Nick grabbed some behind the scenes of Megan and her bridesmaids getting ready, in their adorable Mexican dresses! I mean how cute is this idea (why didn’t I think of this?!) 12207879_10208048178185361_1502721924_n

12233076_10208048178665373_122555450_n12207992_10208048177625347_2033168003_nTheir wedding venue of choice was Casa Hyder, this place is hard to describe if you haven’t been there, its kind of bewitching in the sense that it seems like a maze. The decor is so artistic and filled with antic pieces filled with stories I feel like. From what Ive gathered of shooting weddings there, it was actually 4 different houses that became one big large house (which explains why it feels endless maze:) The views in this house are just stunning their gardens are somewhat secret but welcoming. Followed by a church ceremony they had a callejoneada:


And here are some sneak peek pics of their wedding! (that dress!) 12208012_10208048174465268_1353436875_n12212063_10208048175625297_453029453_n

Megan & Perry Their wedding was planned by Alicia Vilar from San Miguel Weddings, I am so excited to share this gorgeous and mega fun wedding video! Stay tuned for more!!


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